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SGS Bottled Gases

Rent free welding bottled gas from WB+AD Morgan

WB+AD Morgan are now an official SGS Bottled Gases reseller to Herefordshire, Presteigne and the surrounding area.

‘Rent Free’ Bottled gas

We offer RENT FREE bottles for gas unlike BOC and Air Products who typically charge £100 per year rental on their bottles. They also charge £50 for delivery. Now rural businesses and low users like farms, manufacturers, garages and body shops can save money on their welding gases by buying and collecting from WB+AD Morgan. There are NO RENTAL OR DELIVERY CHARGES and with a choice of sizes.


Tetrafluroethane is a liquefied gas used as a refrigerant in automotive air conditioning systems by trained technicians.

Oxygen+Pro Fuel

When combined with Oxygen, Pro Fuel produces a flame of 2950°c for Oxy-fuel welding, brazing, cutting and heating. Available in 10ltr, 20lt & 30ltr sizes, with a range of accessories.


Or OFN, used to pressure test automotive air conditioning systems, a legal requirement since mid 2010. Also used for tyre inflation on performance marques as a substitute for compressed air. Also available, SGS Leak Trace, a 5% Hydrogen mix for use with hydrogen sniffers.


Used in MIG or TIG welding as a shield to exclude air from the welding arc and prevent oxidation and splatter of the weld. A 5% CO2 Mix for steel up to 6mm and a 15% CO2 mix for steel over 6mm thickness. Pure Argon for TIG welding aluminium. Available in 10ltr, 20ltr and 30ltr.


Used as a pressuring and purge gas, but better known as ‘balloon gas’ ideal for car showrooms and open days.

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