Commercial and domestic boreholes, water wells and geothermal heat systems

Borehole camera surveys and borehole repair

borehole camera surveys for borehole repairWB+AD Morgan carries out borehole camera surveys using a Laval sc350 camera system to aid in borehole repair. It can provide forward view camera surveys of boreholes and wells from as small as 50mm diameter and to a depth of over 100m. The equipment also has a digital recorder, tripod and depth counter for accurate survey results. With its own 12v power pack it is a very portable unit making it suitable for domestic, agricultural, industrial and water bottling borehole surveys.

Camera specifications:

  • Camera- 4.22cm diameter and 42cm long
  • Lens- BK-7 Glass with 18 high intensity LED lights
  • Pressure tested and waterproof to 750psi

Why carry out a borehole camera survey?

Borehole camera surveys can be used for preventative and diagnostic purposes such as:

  • Periodic inspections to ascertain borehole conditions can prevent any problems from occurring because potential issues can be identified earlier
  • To identify any existent borehole problems and to understand what is causing any water quality issues
  • It can provide detailed information about a borehole’s construction post-completion of works giving important data for future referral
  • A borehole camera survey can be used to identify borehole obstructions or reason for a collapse

Whether you are a commercial client with multiple borehole installations, or a domestic client with a water well or ground source heating solution, WB+AD Morgan can support your solutions with borehole camera surveys.  Make contact for more information, advice or to arrange a survey.