We drill and maintain water boreholes for
commercial and residential clients across the UK.

We have decades of drilling experience, maintain our own fleet of drilling rigs, and can rapidly respond to all your water supply needs.

Commercial clients include national water supply companies, mineral water and soft drink suppliers such as Coca-Cola, Severn Trent, Ty Nant, Brecon Carreg and Welsh Water.

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Water boreholes

As well as drilling boreholes and installing borehole pumps for water supply systems, we design and install boreholes for ground source heating systems too.

Every system we install is designed and tailor-made to meet the unique requirements of each client.

Whether you want to save money, become self-sufficient or harness green energy for water or a heat supply, we can help with our drilling and installation services

Borehole services

  • Hydrogeological surveys: to provide an indication of the underlying hydrogeology ahead of drilling
  • Borehole drilling
  • Restricted access drilling
  • Geothermal / ground source heating systems
  • Environmental monitoring of boreholes and camera assessments of water boreholes
  • Pumps, parts and supplies
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Water filtration treatment facilities
  • Artesian well experts

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To discuss whether a water borehole or ground source heating solution would be appropriate for your business or property, contact our experienced team today.

Commercial water boreholes - drilling and installation

WB+AD Morgan has extensive experience working with public water supply companies, bottled water producers, farmers, hoteliers and companies requiring a private water supply for their own production processes.

Water supply for water suppliers


We drill and maintain water boreholes for many of the UK's water supply companies already - from Severn Trent to Welsh Water.  We have the kit and the capability to support your expansion, or to rapidly respond to assist if you're facing a problem. 

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Soft drink, mineral water and alcohol producers


Having worked with leading companies in the drinks sector, including Coca-Cola, Brecon Carreg, Wells and HP Bulmer, you can have confidence that we have the experience and expertise to support your own commercial water production needs.

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Well drilling for private water supply

Support sustainability with your own borehole


Some of our domestic clients have to have a water borehole as they are not on mains supply, and some choose self-sufficiency.
Whatever your reason for wanting your own water supply, we are your one stop shop!  
We will conduct a prognosis - then design, drill and install your borehole - and even if access to your garden or site is restricted, we're confident we can get on site and get your private water supply up and running.

How to cut your water bill

If you use a lot of water and want to cut your water bill, a borehole will slash your costs.

We began working with the agriculture industry over 70 years ago, and continue to serve livestock and arable farmers' water supply needs across the UK. 

We also install and maintain water boreholes for homes, factories, golf courses, sports centres, hotels and spas.

Basically, whatever your business, our business is supporting your water and energy supply needs. 

We are a friendly team - give us a call to discuss how we can help you cut your water rates:

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Water abstraction for your private water supply


We design the right borehole for your abstraction needs, based on the findings of your prognosis. 

We drill the hole, install the pump, test and purify the water and regularly maintain your supply.  And we do all this to the highest industry standards without making too much of a mess.

If you'd like to discuss your needs, or if you want to explore whether drilling a water borehole or intalling a ground source heating solution is right for you: 
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What is a water borehole prognosis?

A prognosis is an independent hydrogeological survey - it's an essential requirement before any drilling commences. The survey provides an indication of the underlying hydrogeology – detailing the nature of the ground to be drilled, the likely depth at which water will be found and an indication of water quality, enabling us to design your borehole appropriately.

The prognosis is not a guarantee of success, but it will highlight any issues or design challenges at an early stage that we can then overcome for you.

Boreholes for water or boreholes for heat?


The requirements for water and for heating boreholes are different in a number of respects, and require specific forms of survey.

A prognosis for water is concerned with the availability, quality and quantity of water.

A prognosis for ground source heating will concentrate on the ground’s capacity to deliver heat to a heat pump.

Your water borehole prognosis

You will receive a detailed report encompassing geological sequence, target aquifer, expected depth of borehole, water quality testing, percentage chance of finding water, drilling conditions, basic design in schematic form, schematic of underlying geology, site map and copies of publicly available records of any nearby boreholes or wells that have been lodged with the British Geological Survey.

A prognosis report is the first step in the borehole drilling process - contact us to arrange yours: 
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Borehole water testing, filtration and water safety

Once your borehole water is flowing freely, we arrange a full chemical analysis of it. 

Samples are independently analysed by a UKAS approved laboratory, and based on the results we can then tailor a bespoke package to filter and purify your supply.

Water treatment systems

For both commercial and residential clients, we regularly test your water supply and install and maintain water filters and water purifiers.  These remove parasites, protozoa, bacteria and 99.9% of all viruses.

Finding the right solution to ensure a high quality water supply is a complex process - but we handle it for you.

Trust us to keep your water safe and clean.
Call us to discuss your water treatment needs:

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Borehole maintenance: repairs, water pumps, parts and supplies

Periodical preventive maintenance is key to ensuring the life of your water borehole and the safety of your supply

All norms, industry guidelines, quality standards and regulations recommend periodical preventive maintenance of water boreholes and purification systems as the most efficient way of ensuring optimal water quality and system reliability.

Tailor-made plans to fit your needs

You can optimise the performance and lifetime of your water borehole and purification system with our service plans.

Our maintenance plans address compliance and specifications requirements for commercial clients, whilst also taking your budgetary needs into account.

Plans for residential clients ensure uninterrupted water supply.  Call us to discuss a tailor made maintenance plan: 
0800 542 7613 | 01544 267 980.

Features included in all plans

  • Annual preventive maintenance visit performed by a WB+AD Morgan field service engineer
  • Comprehensive checkup (during the annual visit) of system specifications and key operational functions
  • System improvements when required
  • Preventive replacement of worn parts (system-specific maintenance kit)
  • Priority service on calls between maintenance visits
  • Field service reports for traceability of key maintenance and system performance indicators
  • Discount on labour and parts in the event of a breakdown if an annual service contract is in force.

Water borehole frequently asked questions

The most frequently asked water borehole questions are related to cost, guarantees of finding water and abstraction licences.

The fastest way to have these questions answered for your personal situation is with a phone call - whether you're a farmer facing a draught, a water supply company that can't meet demand, you want to sell water commercially or just be self-sufficient,

call us today and we will help you 

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