Commercial and domestic boreholes, water wells and geothermal heat systems

Drilling rigs & equipment

WB+AD Morgan maintains a fleet of the latest drilling rigs and engineering equipment in-house enabling it to rapidly deploy to meet clients’ borehole, ground source heat pump and related requirements.

The company is proud of its policy that ensures continuous investment in state-of-the-art machinery, technology and training. Its fleet of drilling rigs and support equipment lead the field in terms of efficiency and low environmental impact too, as demonstrated by the fact that all of the machinery runs on bio-degradable oils.

Drilling rigs and support equipment includes:


Knebel Drilling A/S HY-97T-BR

Low bed semi-trailer mounted drilling rig, designed for drilling to a depth of more than 400m, and a hole diameter from 6” to 24” max. The rig is a heavy duty water well rig, with the possibility to drill with direct and reverse mud / air circulation.

Sub frame: the drill rig’s separate mono – constructed frame is integrated with the trailer chassis. The rig is supported by 4 hydraulic operated jacks, with double check valves.

Rotary head: the rotary head has two hydraulic motors working in parallel hydraulic connection. The rotary is mounted with KNEBEL BREAK-O-MATIC system, and hydraulic chuck for quick replacement of drill tools.

Rig and compressor diesel engine: make of engine is Deutz, type BF 8 M 1015C water cooled V- build 4 stroke diesel with direct injection.

High pressure air compressor: the rig is equipped with an ATLAS COPCO XRV9-229-PTOEC dual stage compressor with a capacity of 455ls/25 bar (950 CFM/350psi) free air delivery.

Drill pipe storage facility: the rig has on board storage facilities for 55 X 5m x 5.5” drill pipe, weight approx 8525kg. This allows for 275 metre depth to be reached without reloading.

Low bed semi-trailer: the rig is mounted on a low bed semi-trailer with steering of the four rear wheels. For manoeuvring in confined areas the rear wheels have remote separate steering, thus allowing the trailer to “crab” across a site.

klemm drilling rigs

Klemm 709W top head drive rotary drill rig

Mounted on an 8 x 4 Mercedes Actros 32/35 truck.This rig has automatic rod handling and carries 160m x 140mm diameter heavy-duty drill rods in its magazine. The machine is fitted with safety trip wires and interlocked guards to meet the latest H & S requirements. The hydraulic system has been designed for use with biodegradable oils and its Caterpillar 3056 DI-T power pack meets all current European emissions and is EPA certified. The Mercedes 32/35 also meets all current emissions legislation and is fitted with disc brakes and ABS as added safety features.

The rig is equipped with a 10m mast and has both a service winch and heavy-duty winch of 6.6 tonnes capacity. The rig has 508mm clamping and breaking tables to facilitate ease of use during rod change and handling of casings from 150mm diameter to 500mm, thus considerably minimising manual handling.

This machine has a depth range of 300m+ and is especially suited to difficult drilling conditions due to its high torque, variable speed, hydraulic top drive head.The machine is fitted with 3” hoses to facilitate either air flush or fluid drilling and perfectly partners the MC80 Mud Cleaning system.We believe this will be the most advanced water-well drilling package currently available in the UK and is ideally mated to our environmental objectives and code of safe working practice.

Beretta T151 drill rig

Built in Milan by Beretta Alfredo srl, this compact tracked rig powered by a 98kW Deutz engine, it has a small footprint, and can even be operated by remote radio control if needs be.

beretta drilling equipmentDrilling to a diameter of 324mm its dual head system contra-rotates the outer casing, so achieving terminal depth is faster, particularly in unstable overburdens. There is a triple clamping system for surface casings and drill rods, and the centre clamp has a 30 tonne jack-up system – exceptionally powerful for this size of machine – essential to retrieve stuck surface casings.

It is ideally suited to drilling geothermal boreholes where space is at a premium.

Environmental issues are fully addressed, as a fitted preventer system discharges arisings horizontally through a pipe into a skip, helping keep the site clean.

MC80 mobile high performance mud cleaner

Mounted on a 14m trailer, the unit includes a double deck VSM 300, fifth generation, shaker mounted on a hollow section steel frame with underflow tank, mud feed chute, clean mud compartment, Svedala 100 x 75 centrifugal hydrocyclone feed pump with 22 kw motor, 4 No. 5” hydrocyclones, interconnecting pipework, fold-up front access platform, 3 phase compressor, electrical controls and 15m of armoured power cable.

mud cleaner drilling equipmentThe shaker used on the MC80 is a Rigtech VSM 300, high performance, linear motion, double motor shaker with inverter speed control. It has a top deck that uses pre-tensioned panels held in place by pneumatic bladders. The top deck is normally fitted with 10 to 30 mesh screens for the removal of clay balls, lumps of soil, grass, roots, timber, gravels, course sands and other large particles. The lower deck uses 4 No. pre-tensioned stainless steel, fine mesh screen panels with pneumatic screen clamping. Lower deck screens of 84, 105, 140, 165, 200 or 250 mesh.