Commercial and domestic boreholes, water wells and geothermal heat systems

Geothermal ground water heating

Geothermal solutions:

Ground source heating utilises geothermal solar energy stored underground, and is becoming the most dependable, reliable and cost effective form of renewable energy for domestic and commercial users alike.

A heat pump can be used for both heating and cooling, and for each kW used to power the system it can return up to 4kW of heat. For the ground source heat pump to operate it is necessary to install a heat collection system in the ground.

WB+AD Morgan’s vertical ground source heating system involves drilling one or more boreholes. The vertical system eliminates the need to dig extensive trenches and reduces the level of disturbance, delivering overall consistency and efficiency.

Utilising a borehole is the most efficient way of extracting heat from the ground.  WB+AD Morgan has been installing ground source heat solutions for commercial and domestic clients across the United Kingdom for many years, and has extensive experience in this field of renewable energy.

The benefits of a ground source heating system include:

  • Huge financial saving opportunities
  • The electricity used to power the heat pump is likely to produce 3 or 4 times its energy output from the ground source
  • Making an investment in renewable energy and creating a sustainable heating system
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions

If you’re considering embracing the power of geothermal energy and installing a ground water heating solution, speak to the team at WB+AD Morgan today to explore your options and to have all your questions answered.