WB+AD Morgan purchased by SafeLane Global


WB+AD Morgan, well drilling and borehole specialists, has been bought by Herefordshire-headquartered SafeLane Global Limited.

On Friday the 11th of October, the purchase of WB+AD Morgan by Herefordshire-headquartered SafeLane Global Limited was completed.

Pictured are former Managing Director Brian Morgan, sealing the deal with a handshake with SafeLane Chief Executive Officer, Adam Ainsworth.

Why has WB+AD Morgan been sold?

Having worked incredibly hard for over 30 years to grow and diversify what was already a highly successful company, Brian Morgan decided the time was right for him to retire.

Not wanting the Morgan’s team and clients to be negatively impacted by his life decision, Brian looked for an equally successful company to take over the running of the business.

As WB+AD Morgan has an unrivalled reputation for providing a first-rate service, it made a very appealing proposition for SafeLane, which was looking to grow its own small drilling business unit.

After very friendly negotiations, the decision to sell was made.

This is an exciting development in the history of WB+AD Morgan and a positive opportunity for everyone in both companies.

Will WB+AD Morgan change its name and brand to SafeLane?

The WB+AD Morgan name is synonymous with the best service in the industry.  Its reputation has been built over many years of dedication by the company’s exceptional staff – as such the name is significantly valuable.

Therefore, whilst the SafeLane name will be introduced to customers over time (e.g. “WB+AD Morgan – a SafeLane Global company”) it is not planned to change the name or brand anytime soon.

What does the future hold for WB+AD Morgan?

There will be a focussed effort to continue to grow Morgans in a sustainable, responsible and well-governed way, to develop its people and delight its customers.

What does this mean for WB+AD Morgan clients?

The alignment of the two companies means an extension of assets and personnel, resources and equipment which is advantageous to clients of both WB+AD Morgan and SafeLane Global.

A little about SafeLane Global

Established in 1989, originally under the brand name MINECLEAR, SafeLane Global was one of the first private companies to be involved in mine action in the international arena.

Following strategic mergers and acquisitions, the company was restructured and rebranded in 2018 under the leadership of Adam Ainsworth.

SafeLane Global’s mission is enabling the safe and sustainable realisation of its commercial, governmental and humanitarian clients’ ambitions and aspirations.

Its expert services span entire project life cycles and are focused on mitigating explosive and hazardous material threats, countering security risks and enhancing land and marine environments globally.

Drilling services currently form part of its UK Land division; there is an ambition to extend the provision of these services internationally.

In conclusion, this is a significant and positive milestone for both companies, for their staff and customers.  If you have any questions, please give the Morgan’s team a call on 0800 542 7613 or 01544 267980. 

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