Commercial and domestic boreholes, pumps and geothermal heat systems

New Public Water Supply Borehole- Stainless Steel

DSCN0817Following borehole condition surveys it was established that a replacement large diameter borehole was required by one of the largest suppliers of water in the UK. With the predicted geology being sands, clays and gravels the drilling method chosen was Rotary Auger using temporary steel casings of 600mm diameter.

Due to the large flow rates required a bespoke Johnson Muni-Pak twin walled stainless steel well screen is being installed, which has a pre-selected ceramic bead filter pack within the twin walls. This will aid well development and reduce any intake of fine material during pumping operations.

Muni-Pak well screen
Muni-Pak well screen

Rotary Auger

drill site set up using temporary roadway