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UK first for Presteigne company

UK first for Presteigne company

The UK’s leading water well drillers WD+AB Morgan—based in Presteigne, Powys—recently commissioned a new, state-of-the-art mobile drilling rig, which is now in operation.

Picture6Built in Germany to the firm’s own specification, the rig is mounted onto a specially bodied 8 x 4 Mercedes Actros chassis, and represents an investment of £300,000.

It sets a high standard for efficiency, and addresses environmental concerns sometimes associated with conventional drilling methods working in sensitive situations.

Brian Morgan of WB&AD Morgan said: ‘Importantly, only biodegradable hydraulic oils are used, and this enables us to minimise the environmental impact.’ Naturally, the new equipment is fully compliant with EC requirements for noise, safety and emissions.

All the firm’s drill rigs are truck mounted: this brings significant benefits over tracked vehicles, providing Morgan’s trucks with the flexibility and speed to be in any part of mainland Britain at short notice.

This array of advantages is important as the company provides water well drilling, pump installation, licensing and Environment Agency liaison throughout the UK.

The new rig has a capability of up to 508mm diameter (clamping & breaking), and incorporates a magazine holding thirty two 140mm diameter x 5 metre long drill rods to provide an immediate depth of 160 metres. Depths of 300 metres or more can be achieved using additional rods.

Brian Morgan sees the addition of this new addition to his firm’s resources as further improving his competitive edge: ‘It’s clean, green and efficient, and it will enable us deliver major benefits to our customers.’

Nationally, Morgan’s water boreholes supply agriculture, industry and others with a high demand for water.