Commercial and domestic boreholes, water wells and geothermal heat systems

Without drinking water, your animals will suffer

20151014_150020In livestock management billions of pounds are spent on breeding programmes, nutritional analysis, food supplies, supplements, proactive medical care, animal movements and housing.  While there may be marginal or even significant gains to be made there is one certainty: without water the animals will suffer.

“If your water supply fails, your animals suffer”

The photograph shows a borehole pump house on a large dairy farm.  All of the water for the herd comes from this shed.  Un maintained sites like this are a real concern.  A compromised borehole may introduce bacteria.  Worse still a failing system can quickly result in dehydration and even death in flocks and herds.


WB&AD Morgan have a dedicated maintenance team that can:

  1. Review your existing installation to identify potential problems before they happen
  2. Perform emergency repairs
  3. Provide planned maintenance to ensure your animals remain safe

Whoever installed your borehole, contact Ade on 01544 267980 to discuss your borehole maintenance and getting safe with WB & AD Morgan.