Commercial and domestic boreholes, water wells and geothermal heat systems


Dear Adrian

We’re very pleased with a job well done. Everything seems to be working perfectly.


A big thank you to all the staff involved, including yourself.


Paddy and Dan did an amazing job in fitting the drill in exactly where we’d asked, without damaging the surrounding saplings etc.


James and Jordan did very careful and conscientious work in connecting things up, in difficult ground for trench-digging. And they did the electrical connections very tidily and pleasingly.


I’m very pleased with the set-up we agreed of the controller position in the barn, and the underground borehole chamber, and the linkage to our alternative spring supply.


So thanks to everyone.


We probably need to do some follow-up on the water tests, but that can wait a while.





- New borehole for a customer with a poor spring supply

I have been using Morgan’s various services for 12 years and I have to say that they just do it right. Recently James came to sort out our water softener. It was an old model with kitchen units built around it and the task of removing it was certainly challenging. James persevered and was very innovative completing the job and leaving the area clean and tidy, as he always does. Thank you Morgan’s , thank you James and thank you to the very polite and efficient team in the office.
Kind regards, Mike, Bredwardine

- Challenging Job

Good morning Brian


It was good to talk yesterday afternoon and we are indeed very happy with the work you have done. More than happy in fact and I would appreciate it if you would pass on our sincere thanks to Dave, Paddy and John for conducting the whole project, from start to finish, with such professionalism, hard work and minimal impact on what is, effectively, our driveway.


Minutes after they had left site it was difficult to see that they had even been there (apart from the fact that we had a small steel plate covering the top of the borehole).

Installation July 2019

Peter Ince & Ian Yarrell

- New borehole for two clients in Shropshire

Will you please thank the team that installed our new water system.  They kindly and considerately coped with my “ideas”.  They were very thoughtful when I needed access to the drive to take my husband to his various medical appointments.  Thank you too for being so considerate with the plan of work.  Instead of being a worry to me the whole installation went very smoothly.

Installation of a new pressurised system – 10th June 2019

- Pamela Sparrow

Just a quick email to thank you and your team for the airlift cleaning work you provided at Penderyn borehole. Myself and Kate were on-site the whole time and were very impressed with your team’s professionalism and desire to do the best job possible. I trust you can pass on our thanks to the drillers Paddy and John.

28th June 2019

Kevin Betts

- Welsh Water – Dwr Cymru

I just wanted to thank you and the team at WB and AD Morgan for such swift and excellent service on late Friday afternoon. The professionalism of your company is outstanding and I am very happy to be a customer.

- Kate Bingham

Just wanted to say thank you for such great service – getting the water problem sorted out so quickly was certainly a weight off my mind.

- Jo Ryan

Thanks for your advice regarding the tank.

Yes… the difference in taste is like chalk and cheese. The previous supply had a rather cloudy appearance and a rather ‘muddy’ taste. Your supply is wonderfully clear (even before we have had our filter changed) and a fantastic fresh, spring water type taste. It reminds me of my youth, walking in the lake district and drinking from water from the rocks!?

5th December 2016

- Laurie Robinson

I would also like to congratulate your company and staff for the excellent service provided. The initial contact was polite and helpful, and importantly on saying they would phone back this was promptly done.

The fitter who arrived and carried out the work was again polite and courteous and knew his “stuff”. The fault was quickly diagnosed and normal service resumed.

Excellent all round service all completed within a morning!

Many thanks.

- Newbridge on Wye, Llandrindod Wells, Powys

At all times your staff were friendly, most helpful and carried out the project with minimal disturbance. It has been a pleasure to have them working here.

2nd September 2016

- Edvin Loach, Bromyard, Herefordshire

Thank you very much for your time and effort and of course, we would be using your services as and when we have Borehole issues on Site.

11th July 2016

- Mark Weatherill, Futamura in Wigton, Cumbria

I know we have yet to use the bore hole in anger so to speak, but we did want to say what a fantastic service you and your team have provided throughout. We couldn’t have been in better hands.
7th July 2016

- Quentin

Many thanks for a job well done. Your guys were brilliant and left an extremely well engineered job.
Again thanks for making the process painless from start to finish.

- Trevor

James left a short while ago after replacing our pump, he was a credit to your company – efficient, polite & friendly, just wanted to thank you again for amazingly quick response & to apologise for spoiling your lie in!!

- Steve & Liz Fawcett

I would like to thank you for your personal involvement in this project, the promptitude with which the work began, and also to express my appreciation of the professionalism and courtesy of the drillers, Paddy and John. Also Mark and James who got the system operational. Rebecca and I will be celebrating the advent of the bore hole with a water party!

- Hilary Thomas

Just a quick email to say many thanks to Adrian and yourself for your understanding approach in helping resolve the recent issues regarding the replacement pump. Both Tracy and I found our meetings to be most informative and appreciated your honest approach and willingness to listen to our concerns. We are also relieved that the water analysis results showed nothing more than the hardness of the water.

- Steve and Tracy Adams

Thank you for all your help and it all looks super efficient and wonderful. Already we are appreciating the nice well water rather than the chlorinated mains. What a relief to have it all done after 3 years of trying to get 2 different contractors to do the work. Mark and co did a great job. We are finishing off the ground works next week.

We would like to have a maintenance contract please as quite clearly folk around here don’t know what they are talking about and it would be by far the best if you would keep it running for us. I am soon to buy a padlock for the door as our biggest enemy is others going in and turning every tap in the hope of fixing it and causing mayhem but then of course it is all so efficient that it most likely will not go wrong.

Thank you so much for all your help with it and I am hugely relieved and pleased that it is all done.

- Jennifer Schuster

Thank you so much for your efficient and prompt attention. Your engineers are first rate, we were so relieved that you sorted the problem quickly. Happy Christmas from Lesley.

- Lesley

Recent Breakdown December 2014


We wanted to thank you very much for the extremely prompt repair done by your team today. To find you have no water is not a pleasant experience and you don’t realise until it isn’t there how much you rely upon clean water from the tap. To have a diagnosis and new pump fitted and working within 7 hours of the phone call to you was a great relief- thank you.



- James & Julie

Brian, Adrian, and of course Mark who did all the hard work!

Well done guys, excellent set of consistent results. This makes the whole project worthwhile and is a good reflection of your expertise and experience. Once the project is up and running I intend inviting Shropshire Council Environmental Health officers up to show case the project and your installation.

- Kevin Voyce


With a 400-acre sheep and arable farm situated about four miles from Presteigne, where the England-Wales border runs through his land, Mervyn Jones was a ‘natural’ borehole customer for WB & AD Morgan in more ways than one.

“When we decided to have a borehole installed back in 1994 we wanted to make use of the water beneath our land, and as Morgans were based at Presteigne they were a natural choice.

“Domestic water from the borehole is supplied to the farmhouse, a bungalow and three cottages, and also used for crop irrigation for oats, wheat and oil seed rape, as well as to our 250 breeding ewes and lambs”, he said.

Over the years the company has maintained the farm’s water supply system, installing an additional filter to cure a silting problem and, more recently, a water softener to eliminate an increasing level of phosphate.

“I’ve been surprised by how much less soap and detergent we now use and how much softer the water is now, as well as solving the phosphate problem. I can’t fault the service from Morgans – any problems and they pop out and sort them.

“We had a problem with the water pressure, and they sorted that in half an hour”, said Mervyn.

- Mervyn Jones

Sean Baker lives in the small village of Newton Burgoland in Leicestershire, and in January 2012 he was faced with the sort of winter problem that needed urgent attention. He takes up the story, and tells how with the help of WB+AD Morgan, he solved the problem.

We first thought about a borehole as a result of a fairly complex set of circumstances as regards our water supply. In January of 2012 the galvanised pipe in our old shared supply sprang a leak.

We managed a repair, but realised we would need to replace some 200 meters of piping . We had a supply shared with a neighbour, and a water supplier who wanted us to separate the supply at a cost of around £15,000!

I approached WB+AD Morgan, having been advised by James Dodds, owner of Envireauwater, that they would provide a first class service. This proved to be the case. Brian Morgan and his team were efficient, always did what they said they would and solved various unforeseen problems quickly.

We have now had our own water supply for the last 16 months and have had Morgan’s first annual service. We are delighted with the quality of our water supply and indeed the quality of service provided by every member of Morgan’s team.

James Dodds said “We have been working with WB+AD Morgan for many years. As Sean is a neighbour of mine, once we had completed a borehole prognosis, it was important that we referred him to a contractor that we knew would look after him. I’m pleased that Sean is pleased”.

- Sean Baker

A borehole is cost effective & is also low maintenance, our production process is reliant on it; that speaks volumes about the confidence we have in the installation from WB+AD Morgan.

- Scott Love – Akzo Noble

The water from the borehole surpassed our expectations & the level of service from WB+AD Morgan was first class & the after-care package has been fantastic.

- Richard Wyn Huws – Pant Du wines and ciders

Water from a borehole is considerably cheaper than the mains, & the borehole pays for itself within a couple of years.

- Stephen Hay – Poultry producer

We needed the security of working with an established driller with a good track record, WB+AD Morgan impressed us with their commitment to excellence

- Nick Taylor – Ty Nant Spring Water

Our experience with WB+AD Morgan has been good. Their drilling operations are conducted with high awareness of environmental considerations, and for us this is a key factor

- Joe Watson – Montgomeryshire Spring

Drilling took three days, and was done very effectively. There is nothing to see outside the house, as the boreholes and pipework are completely hidden

- Tim Crump – TJ Crumps Oakwrights

The work went very smoothly, and we were very impressed with how professionally the project was handled. I’d strongly recommend that anyone thinking about heating buildings considers ground source heating

- Jim Hitchon – Special Ice

The pressure of water provided by the pumps in the boreholes is far greater than could be achieved from a mains supply

- Robert Simpson – Chicory Crops