Commercial and domestic boreholes, water wells and geothermal heat systems

Well drilling for domestic water supply

There are many reasons to install a private domestic water supply and drill for water; be it the rising cost of a mains water, remote distance from a mains water supply, or an unreliable and contaminated shallow well. Whatever the reason, WB+AD Morgan has the capacity and resources to service the requirement and create a domestic borehole for your own private water supply.

Benefits of a private domestic water supply:

  • No water abstraction licence is needed for users abstracting under 20m3 a day—that’s 20 tonnes of water!
  • Freedom from drought orders
  • Natural untreated water, with no added chemicals—most bottled water brands come from boreholes
  • Water is fed under pressure to your taps
  • WB+AD Morgan provides a complete one-stop solution including pump, controls, and filtration
  • Extension service to assist with maintenance of the borehole

If you’d like to explore the possibility of a private water well, these are the next steps…

Before any drilling commences WB+AD Morgan commissions an independent borehole prognosis (hydrogeological survey). This prognosis is an essential requirement that provides an indication of the underlying hydrogeology – detailing the nature of the ground to be drilled, the likely depth at which water will be found and an indication of water quality. Whilst the prognosis is not a guarantee of success it will highlight risk at an early stage, minimising the chances of failure.

Following a successful prognosis a written quotation including a full schedule of the work that will be undertaken will be sent to you so you know precisely what you are commissioning. Once agreed, on-site work commences.

Drilling the borehole involves careful engineering and minimal disturbance; when the hole is drilled and completed a submersible pump is installed in the borehole and the water is pumped and tested. Once the water is approved for purity, the borehole can be utilised.