Commercial and domestic boreholes, water wells and geothermal heat systems

Borehole water prognosis

An independent hydrogeological survey (a prognosis) is an essential requirement before any drilling commences. The survey provides an indication of the underlying hydrogeology – detailing the nature of the ground to be drilled, the likely depth at which water will be found and an indication of water quality, enabling the borehole design to be properly specified. Whilst the prognosis is not a guarantee of success it will highlight any risk at an early stage.

Water or heat?

The requirements for water and for heating boreholes are in many respects different, and will require a specific form of survey:

  • A prognosis for water is concerned with the availability, quality and quantity of water

Water borehole prognosis

You will receive a detailed report encompassing geological sequence, target aquifer, expected depth of borehole, water quality testing, % chance of finding water, drilling conditions, basic design in schematic form, schematic of underlying geology, site map and copies of publicly available records of any nearby boreholes or wells that have been lodged with the British Geological Survey.

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The cost of a survey is £525 + VAT

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Costs revised November 2019

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A borehole prognosis is not a guarantee of success, but it does highlight potential areas of risk prior to commitment of major expenditure or investment. It allows an informed decision to be made.

Final estimates of project cost are based on the prognosis. It is subject to site visit, location, scale of the project, engineering difficulty and any special conditions that might apply.

The materials used, and our engineering methods, are always to a high standard, and care is taken to protect groundwater resources. However, we are unable to guarantee abstracted water quality or quantity.

WB&AD Morgan accept no liability or responsibility for consequential losses of any kind whatsoever or for derogation of any other water source(s).

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