Commercial and domestic boreholes, water wells and geothermal heat systems

Borehole water testing, filtration and water safety

Water testing, filtration and water safety: an overview:

As an end-to-end water borehole and ground source heating service provider, WB+AD Morgan ensures that any water supply that will be used for human or animal consumption is analysed for water quality prior to being put into service.

With mineral water production companies such as Brecon Carreg, Ty Nant and Pant Du among its significant commercial client base, the company has decades of experience ensuring water quality is of the highest standard.

The company doesn’t only analyse supplies that it installs for customers, it provides a testing and water safety service for any private supply.

Irrespective of the water testing analysis result, WB+AD Morgan always recommends installing a pre-filter and a UV system to sterilise water.

The benefits of UV water purification include:

  • Environmentally and financially friendly
  • Chemical free
  • Reliable and effective
  • Low energy usage
  • Safe and clean
  • Taste and odour free

Water abstracted for the supply of drinking water must be capable of meeting rigorous chemical standards following treatment.

Should your supply require any further treatment, WB+AD Morgan has the capacity to identify, source and install the appropriate solution.